September 08, 2007
I have a little clock in my house that dings like the one in the film House of Mirth

Hello, the top question on my mind today as it was a few weeks ago, is still where oh where could that sock be. I forgot to mention that not only had I lost the one big kneesock (that one from last years' Rowan? you know its been travelling with me to MDSW and Rhinebeck and auctions and everywhere and if you know me, you have probably met said sock) Anyway, but sadly, not only did I lose that sock, but I lost an entire pair of socks I was knitting for Noel.


Seriously I've been having memory lapses and forgetting peoples' names lately. And apparently socks.

So, I'm experiencing a new-found interest in knitting. Yes, I know. A knitting renaissance if you will. Weird, I bet you didn't know I'd even really stopped knitting for about 6 months. But it's true. And when I look back on those days, I can't even remember what things I had knitting that I stopped and had left lying about. Usually I remember my days and weeks by "what was I knitting then?"

It's like Sybil in that book who lost whole chunks of time. Maybe that's pretentious or a weird analogy. (is it pretentious to say that?) Oh well. I really can't remember. Maybe I was so busy? Maybe I'm getting old? Is it Alzheimer's already? Too many paint and Briwax fumes and Howards' Restor-A-Finish from fixing furniture and shabby chic-ing the hell out of junk furniture? Just don't know..

But I'm knitting. I almost have the Kim Hargreaves sweater done and I started some of those Kaffe Fassett sock yarn socks that everyone's doing. (hopefully not to be lost) I went to Loop in Philadelphia and had fun picking out yarn and talking to Craig, who is lots of fun.

Anyway, let me see if I have a picture of my progress so far on that KH thing...
Oh wait, I have that mitten:

It's cashmere.
Next up that sweater from that magazine that I bought that blue yarn for. I forget the name.

Overkill, right?


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August 30, 2007
Spun Bunny

Here is some bunny fur I recently spun into yarn:

It took a while to get the amount of twist to my satisfaction. I wanted it tight but fuzzy. I think it could be tighter, but that is okay. It will make some nice inner mittens (yes I wear mittens 2 sets at a time). I'm thinking a simple mitten with a lacy drapey cuff. Maybe crochet. Eh, maybe not. This picture was taken after I washed and then dried yarn in microwave.

In other knitting news, my Kim Hargreaves sweater, Blithe, the back is done and I am working on the front. I am trying valiantly to finish it up so I can start that Eunny Jang sweater from the new IK using the Felted Tweed in Watery (a pretty blue). Can't wait to start!

Also am working on a billion socks. In fact I have so many going, that I lost 2. I am quited saddened by this as one was a knee sock and I was just at the toe, ready to close it off. Damn. Generally when I lose something I just wait around for it to reappear, generally in a week or so, no sweat. A few weeks have gone by though and I'm starting to think it is officially lost or I left it somewhere out in the world, and that I didn't just absent-mindedly put it down somewhere safe in my house.

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August 02, 2007

February 15 was my last post? Wow. Just saying Hi. I started knitting a sweater from Kim Hargreaves last group of designs. I think it's called Blithe. Yes, I know it's called Blithe.

I went to MDSW way back in May...was it May? Anyway, I bought some bunny fur from an unfortunately recently (recently, back then) deceased bunny (while I was buying it, the woman said, "Ahhh, it's the last of Thumper." (I forget actual name of bunny.) So, I've been spinning that up. It's fuzzy. Will make make a nice set of interior mittens. (I always double up the mittens, one pair just isn't enough.)

Did some sock knitting. Have some socks I started last September almost done. Have about 6 rounds to go, but have been sitting in a holding pattern while I start Other Better Things.

It'll only take me 5 minutes to finish up that toe on the September socks. Whenever I get around to it. haha. A round to it. Sort of a lame joke there. Bye bye!

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